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For lack of anything better to say..I will talk about something we can all relate to...Blogging (sorry Hoss...I said "IT"). I can describe it in one word...DRAMA!! Has anyone else noticed that there are several fights, pot stirrers and general nastiness floating around lately? At least 3 people I currently read are having serious troll issues, whether it be someone they know or someone they don't. Some have had profane things done with pictures they've posted of their children, others have written things needing obvious support and received really hateful mail and commenting. Why? I would really like to know what you all think.My reasoning is simply this. When you wear your heart on your sleeve you're bound to get stomped on. Now, I'm not being pessimisstic here. Really. I'm a very positive person and I admittedly got caught up in how many comments I could get and what people thought of my postings, so I started writing for "them". I got caught up in the Drama. I then became a basket case...obsessed almost checking comments 10 times a day, trying to think of something "good" to write, but it was driving me crazy!! A lot of you don't have any clue who I really am and when I went back to read some of my earlier posts...I couldn't remember writing them. I got the most feedback and kind words, when I was real. So that's what I did. I started to be real. Sometimes things are funny, sometimes they aren't. My friends and family read this blog and don't always like or agree with what I have to say, but they are kind or they just don't respond. I don't say anything that I wouldn't say to them personally.

But when you put your feelings out there or offer opinions, people will disagree with you. I get that now...I know I live in a bubble, so sue me. It's the law of opposites. For every good, there is a bad. For every right there is a wrong. For everyone who loves there is someone who hates. It's really a matter of who chooses to share it. I have had my share of drama, albeit early on in my blogging career. And some other nastiness since, but so what? I've never been one to be bullied and to what end? To me, people who leave comments and don't leave a way for me to respond are just that...bullies...cowards. I don't have time for crap like that. I won't delete your comments, andI will respond, but that's where it stop. I will not get into a meaningless banter that has no purpose other than to belittle and demean me. And you will realize that I just don't care what you think if you choose to continue. Some of us thrive on the Drama...but quite honestly, how does is help? It's not healthy, it's not resolving any issues and it's a really poor way to get attention.

This is not to belittle the very really problems people have and have had. And if I can offer any support in any way, I will bend over backwards to do it. I admire the strength that some have shown in their writing and the things they have overcome. Who am I to judge? My point is this should be a safe place to write those feelings and thoughts and issues and not be slammed for doing so. I think writers, all of us, write from the heart. Being anonymous makes it that much easier to say what's really on your mind...or does it?

For all my friends, and I do consider you all friends, those I've met and those I haven't, thank you for letting me learn through your mishaps, but more importantly I'm sorry you had to suffer through the forces of this virtual world that will not let you be who you really are.

Why do you write? Has your reasoning changed since you've started blogging? All comments and thoughts are welcome, even those who think I'm full of Sh**.

Thanks for joining...peace.