Crazy Week...but learning to say NO!

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This morning I have a meeting with the preschool teachers, tonight I have a PTO meeting, in between I have to go to Walmart to buy the rest of the stuff for the teacher survival kits because I couldn't go last night because we had friends over yesterday who stayed 3 hours longer than planned and I couldn't go last night because J-man #2 was worn out from the pool and took a nap til 7 pm so he was up til 11. I also have to go to the grocery store to buy fruit salad makings for tomorrow's teacher luncheon after which I have a Ladies Night Out dinner with the preschool teachers. Thurs I have to be at school for 5 hours to sell t-shirts, bracelets, and maganets AND sign up volunteers for this year at Meet the Teacher night...oh and I have to squeeze a visit to my own kid's teacher in there somewhere. Then Friday is my husbands company picnic and Saturday is the soccer Parent meeting. Do I want to be on the zoning committee? NO. Do I want paint a back drop for the high school play? NO. Do I want to be team mom for J-man's team this year? NO! Whew that felt better...

Now, to do it in real life...see you around midnight!