April Fool ? Not Me. Paybacks Are Hell!

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Ray was a great practical joker. I had just started to date the man who is now my hubby and during lunch a singing telegram arrived with an extra special gift attached. An amethyst ring with a note asking me to marry him! I was a bit confused seeing as how my then boyfriend was nowhere in sight AND his name was spelled wrong on the note. Well, needless to say, Ray couldn't help but bust out into rolling fits of laughter and tease me incessantly for weeks on how he finally "got me".

Get me my a$$...nobody gets me and gets away with it ;~)

Months went by and my opportunity finally presented itself. Ray, had just bought himself a spankin' new car! He was the typical guy, staring at it all the time, talking about the wheels, and shining it up on his lunch break.

So, about a week after his new baby sat in the parking lot directly in front of our window staring at us...I borrowed the keys ;0)

Phone call, Ray.


Hello is this Mr. Ray?


This is Officer Gordon from the Fairfax Cty Police Dept. Do you own a 1994, Saturn, license plate blah, blah, blah?


Are you aware that it's missing?

What the...??? Hold on a minute. *Runs out to the parking lot



Yes sir. We've just apprehended two teenage girls in your vehicle and we are going to have to take them in and impound your car. Would you like to press charges?

What? Impound my car? Why...I'm right up the street I can come...

Yes sir I'm afraid you're going to have to come pick it up at the impound lot.

Meanwhile, I'm in the other room trying hard as hell NOT to pee my pants.

Yes, I want to press charges..but wait how old are they? Why....

Voice of my hubby....Because Ray, PAYBACKS ARE HELL!!!!

BWWWAHAHAHHAHAAAA! I just fell out on the floor right then and there and he knew I had finally got him back. My hubby was, of course, in on the whole thing and had a friend of his was the one pretending to be the police officer. I had just moved his car out to the front parking lot of the school, but for all intents and purposes he thought it was gone.

And that, was my best April Fool's joke ever! Now it's your turn!

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