My Idea of the Perfect Mom..or what they should have anyway...

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I'd like to thank my dearest friend Beth for helping me realize this!

My day yesterday consisted of getting up at the crack-o-darkness...getting J-man #1 ready for school..bus...getting J-Man #2's clothes, breakfast, and my cupa and heading out the door (late as per usual) to run to the gym to work..not work out...for a friend who's baby had the flu, spent two hours there, went to Toddlin' Time (play group essentially), dealt with other people's screaming kids, left, got some lunch, Nasty Mc D's for the boy, Taco Bell for me to come home and listen to the two year old scream at how he wanted my cheese quesadilla and that his nuggets were gross (well can't really argue with him there now can I?), put screaming boy down for a nap so I could go to the bathroom only to have him get up 15 minutes later telling me he's done with his nap and try's to steal the candy out of the bags I'm stuffing for J-man #1's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today (yeah, I'm crazy, didn't I tell you?) then repeating over and over again "Mommy, I want cake. I want to help decorate J's cake. Can I have cake? When can I have cake? Can I paint the cake? I'm going to eat cake for dinner. I love cake! Why can't I have cake? What kind of cake is it? I love chocolate cake!"

*deep breath*

to then go get J-man #1 off the bus, bring his back pack home, he's going to a friends (yay! no fighting for at least another hour) to get back inside and get everything organized and put in my car for the painting job I started last night, get dinner ready for the hubs (so that he can call me later and tell me how much the kids DON'T like what I made and where are the hot dogs? Welcome, to my world hon!) Pass the hubs in the hall and I'm off into the midst of rush hour traffic. Whew!

While I'm answering the cell phone with one hand, eating with the other and driving with my left elbow, I realize God's mistake in making mothers...we don't have enough appendages! I really think that at about month 8 of pregnancy, women should start to sprout two more arms and hands. They would reach maturity shortly after the babies birth and remain there approximately two years. As your hormone levels come back down to normal levels this third set of arms would just dry up and drop off! This, coupled maybe by another set of eyes on the back and or sides of you head would be a great asset for breaking up fights, eating your dinner and getting the kids the twenty things they always want after your butt hits the chair, feeding the wee bebe in the car in the back seat whilst driving, and many, many more!

Now that I'm done writing the world's longest run on sentence...

I think I'll go phone God now and market my suggestions...what do you think? ;0)