It Happened One Friday and Monday

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Last week my neighbor discovered her electric dog fence was busted. How, you ask? Well, Sir Shade-a-lot (aka Shade) decided he was going to take on the school bus. The bus took off from the stop and so did Shade. Barking like there was a friendly neighborhood postal patron nearby...chased the bus....then ran in front of the bus....I couldn't look....but I did...yeah I know that part of you that can't possibly watch a C-section, or brain surgery or an axe murderer? The part of you that wants to watch, but knows you shouldn't?

Well, guess what?

Bet you can't ;0)

The bus....stopped (sick, sick people)

AND little Miss Noel...neighboring hound from across the street come tearing out of her yard right on Shade's butt! Chased her back into her yard and the bus went on. Significance of this ?
I knew you'd I'll tell you.

Friday and again this fine, sunny and beautimous a.m. It happened again. However, and I waited until this morning to make sure, before Shade even had a twitter in her knickers to chase that bus...Noel pinned her little fuzzy butt to the ground and snarled and barked and "yelled" at her until the bus took off. Once the bus was gone, Noel stopped, turned around and went back home.

Now that's protection ;0)


Thanks to everyone for all you wonderful compliments for both my interview questions and my murals below. I had a blast doing them both and I'm glad I could share with you!


Okay...third round of Monty's image we go!

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