Fairy Blogmother Day

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According to Momma K, yesterday was Fairy Blogmother Day. A day in which to honor those that started you in this virtual reality we like to call Blogville. Well, I'm a little slow on the uptake so, I'm posting my thank you's today!

I think I have 2 or 3 but the first and foremost person who got me started on all of this was Momma K herself.

She sent me her web address and I was hooked immediately. She guided me through the general set up and gave me some "watch out " pointers and off I went. My name, was modeled after hers, mostly because I wasn't creative enough to think of my own at the time, and I wrote about a lot of the same things...simply because she's witty and funny and my friend and I thought her stuff was cool. I wanted to find my way into this world and she was already there. I was soon wading in the shallow waters alone then dug in deep and started swimming.

My original intention was to post pictures of my work, and my family that was easily accessed by extended family members all over the country. I soon realized what a big beast Blogville really is and that posting such personal info with my kids faces and names all over it wasn't the best idea.

It then turned into a forum for my random thoughts. Things that I didn't necessarily want to discuss with people I knew, but needed to get them off my chest. Then, I realized that not everyone is nice in the Blogosphere, and I met my next Fairy Blogmother,


We had a then big, now minor scuffle, I got my feelings trampled on by something she wrote actually what someone else thought I should read and she apologized for something she didn't do. She didn't need to. She could've just told me to get a life and stop reading into things that were never specifically about me. You can read about that here. She didn't though and through a series of emails we discovered that she in fact was the one with the Blog Trolls, and they were lashing out at everything she touched.

From this I learned that you are only seeing a very small portion of someone's very private, raw thoughts. Some lie, embellish, and others are completely candid. I learned to pick and choose and build relationships (strictly virtual mind you) based on what a specific person wants to tell me. You don't ask personal questions unless they invite you to, you don't assume you know this person based on what they write, unless they tell you so, and even then, it's not always the case.

Finally Michele, ever so gracious and welcoming, was happened upon by reading other people's comments "Hello, Michele sent me." Well, who the heck was Michele? Why didn't she send me? She is the epitamy of a Blogging Queen. She brings people together, spreads comment cheer, and yes she does read every one of her responses! She gives new meaning to the word gracious. Everyone should get to know her. I thank her for her introductions to most of you, who then in turn come back and boost my ego or blast it...nicely;0) I'm all for constructive criticism, after all it would be a pretty boring world if we all thought the same way now wouldn't it?

So I think that's it in Fairy Blogmother land. Of course, as time goes on, I build more and more friendships with people, my newest is Old Horse Tail Snake and The Staff Sargeant's Wife, both whom I think are completely hilarious for different reasons...you should go visit if you don't already ;0)

Have a great Hump Day!!