A Ghost Story

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Thanks Mrs. Mogul for reminding me I actually have something cool to write about. (I was reminded of this experience when I read about her guardian angels)

I believe in the Netherworld. Another life. A parallel universe. Whatever you choose to call it. I believe in ghosts.

Not so long ago the hubby and I went off to the Mid West to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. He wanted Vegas, I wanted AZ. We both wanted somewhere we'd never been before. So there it was; Vegas for a week and Sedona for another. 10 days sans children and by the end of the first week we were sans cashola ta boot! The Blue Man group is definitely a must see!

So, after the Hoover Dam, Sedona and energy vortexes here we come! What a beautimous place, Sedona, but that's another story. We did lots of touristic type stuff, pink jeep tours, minimal hikes on Bell Rock and Mama Kachina, and shopping at Talaquepaque. Then we headed south towards Phoenix and went to visit the Aunt who just happens to live 1/2 hour from Tombstone. We'd already driven 4 hours what's another 1/2 hour?

And here's where our story begins...

We got into Tombstone at approx. 3:30 p.m. Apparently the ghosties roll up their sidewalks at 6 o'clock sharp so we were told to hit the most haunted spot in town first...The Birdcage Theater In an article in 1882, The New York Times called this "the wildest, wickedest nightspot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast". It was the site of 16 bloody gunfights and 140 bullet holes riddle the walls and ceiling. Okay...we were up for anything at this point. So we raced into town and managed to find the theater at the end of main drag. When we first went in, all we could see was the original bar from 1882 and the 6 foot painting of Fatima with 6 or 7 bullet holes in it.

Now, just in case you aren't familiar with the legend. The Birdcage was home to the longest poker game in history and the infamous drunken gunfight between Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.

After hanging around a while we realized that for a mere 6 beans, we could tour the rest of the Birdcage AND the basement. COOL!! Of course they made sure we knew that it was haunted and we should expect anything because this day was a highly active one for ghost activity. Whatever. I wasn't going to get my hopes up...plus the whole idea made me a tad bit nervous.

So, on we went. Taking photos of everything. Reading the walls, looking at all the original furniture, the original faded carpets and drapes and unique furniture are complimented by the different articles of a bygone brothel and the poker table as it was left over 100 years ago. They even have one of the Black Mariah's which was the original hearse to carry every member (dead member that is) but six of Tombstone to Boothill cememtary. It was laden with 24 carat gold and silver. Only three were made at the time due to the expense.

After reading up on the Black Mariah and coming the rest of the way down the steps...I spied this poem on the wall. As I was reading it I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise up...like someone was pulling it. I whipped around to yell at my husband for scaring the bejeezus out of me when I realized....no one was there. I didn't freak. I just attributed it to a hair getting caught on my sweater.

I continued to read the poem and my camera decided to go all wonky. It's a digitial and has all kinds of gizmos and gadgets on it...well...every light, bell and whistle came on and it stuck itself open. I couldn't do a damn thing...so I took the batteries out, put them back in and tried to turn my camera back on.

Batteries were dead. Man...I started to turn to look for the gift shop and ....yank!!!!

SOMEONE PULLED MY HAIR AGAIN HARD this time and for sure I thought it was my hubster. I whipped around and guess what folks? NO ONE WAS THERE!!!

This time I hussled my tightly clenched toucas into the gift shop for mo' batress.....the cashier lady laughed as I scurried into the shop. She knew exactly what had happened before I even opened my mouth. Pointed and said...

"Batteries are on the top rack behind you...don't bother putting them in though, they'll be dead again within' a few minutes. They are playing with you now. *snicker*"

It was soooo cool! I was actually not afraid, more excited and a little freaked out. Mostly because all the stories I had heard previously were about "friendly ghosts" and "pranksters". I've had other weird experiences here at my own house that I will share another time that really scared me.

So...needless to say, I won't be going to go see the new Amityville Horror flick anytime soon. I have had enough realtime hauntings to last me a life time!!!

Care to share any scaries with me?