Happy Birthday My #1 Son

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From day 1 he drove me crazy.
Emergency Cesarean is still quite hazy.
Started out with lips of blue,
What happened next, I have no clue.

"A 9 lb boy." was all I heard.
A scream, a cry and without a word,
The tears came slowly from my eyes,
As I was greeted with cooing sighs.

They slowly turned to squeals of joy.
The toddling of my baby boy.
He skipped the crawling went straight to run.
Heaven forbid he should miss the fun.

Off to school at 3 some say
"A brilliant boy was on his way."
Colors and sugar made him crazy,
But kept his mom from being lazy!

The days went on to weeks, then months,
He was 4, and full of stunts.
Turning cartwheels, riding bikes,
Asking for more of the things he likes.

With 5 came kindergarten and his first bus ride,
You should of seen us beam with pride!
He loves his teachers, friends and school.
He thinks Spiderman is the ultimate in cool.

He's happy, and loved and "on his way."
My baby boy is six today.