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I met Willard Scott this weekend!!! In the Sheetz gas station of all places. He is NBC Today show's weather man and the very 1st Ronald McDonald. I knew his voice before I saw him. Introduced myself and asked what he was doing out it this neck of the woods. Apparently he was "born and raised in these here woods". Nice ta meet 'cha Willard!

Okay.. thanks to aka_monty for this game. I think I'm going to follow her lead and play this once a week as to not leave anyone out... ;0) Point and shoot...here's the first 5.

1. Choose a search engine, click on "Images"
2. Choose a blogfriend
3. Think of ONE or TWO words that you think best describes aforementioned blogfriend.
4. Do an IMAGE SEARCH on that word.
5. Pick an image~~the one that makes you say "AHA! That's IT!"

Momma K~ composed
Mrs.Mogul~ thoughtful
Raehan~simple beauty
Okay, this is not as easy as it looks!!! ____________________________________________________________________

Sometimes I would really like to bury my kids in the back yard!


I went to a baby shower this weekend for my friend Sarah. Sarah was 10 when I met her. I was 18 ( I think). She would come into the gym where I worked periodically with her mom. School was getting ready to let out and she needed someone to hang out with. She was too old for Daycare and too young to stay home alone. That's how we met.

Her mom would drop her off at the gym with me in the mornings and I would walk her home and stay with her in the afternoons until her parents got home. She lived with her mom and stepdad at the time, and had a rather tumultuous relationship with her biological father. We spent the entire summer together, making friendshipt bracelets, watching movies, and having some serious heart-to-hearts. We would get in my car with a pizza between us and she would tell me where to go. We were always trying to "get lost". She eventually figured out it was really fair because I basically knew where we were going. A few times we went in directions unknown, but always managed to make it back home.

After that summer was over, I realized I had made a new friend. We spent the following years writing back and forth. I would come home from college and visit with her and her family. I went to her 16th birthday party, then her highschool graduation party. Took her out to dinner for her college graduation and eventually ended up at her wedding. We have seen each other 'round and about through the years, and although we don't always speak anymore, she knows I still think of her often.

She is now almost 29 years old and about 2 weeks away from having her first child! Saturday was her baby shower and a very emotional day for me. I stayed up too late the night before making her gift, got up many times during the night for various reasons and spent 5 hours with her Saturday afternoon with her relatives gushing over how long it's been, what an influence I had on her and her life decisions and how much she looked up to me. I had no idea! I just felt like a proud parent and as it turned out, I was really a dear friend as well! I can't wait to see the baby and couldn't help but let my emotions flood over me!

I felt old, proud, embarrassed, worthy, not worthy, humble, accomplished, and completely loved. I couldn't believe the mixture! Nor, how someone who I simply hold dear to my heart for my own reasons, feels such admiration for me.

As it turns out, the baby is big and breech. She has been on bed rest for the past month and the Doctors want her to hold on at least two more weeks. Contractions have started and don't seem to be wanting to stop. So, please, for the next few weeks, hold Sarah in your prayers for a safe and happy birth of her little baby girly girl!

Hang on Princess it's almost time to come home!

Last but not least. If you haven't already, please read my April Fools Post below and if you feel so inclined, head to Demented Delusions and vote for me! I can win big prizes!!! Of course, to be fair, read the other two posts as well and vote for the best April Fool's joke....Mine ;)

Bribery is not out of the question...;)

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