The Makings of a Country Singer

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I've mentioned before that I have very emotional tendencies right? Well I do. And the hubs is no exception to the rule. Needless to say, both of our kids have inherited this loverly trait. As you saw by yesterday's not so fun post, J-man #1 busted when he was certain I would be hit by a bus. J-man #2 will cry when I start to sing him lullaby's or if he hears a slow mournful tune especially in a Disney film.

Of late, J-man #2 will sing anything and everything from "I Don't Want to Go to the Dumb Potty" to varying renditions of "Bob the Builder" and " Bu-bu-B. Bu-bu-B-L. Bu-Bu B-L-A-S-T-E-R Blaster!" He makes up his own versions of A-B-C Song, and whatnot...and will sing them at the top of his lungs.

Today was no exception.

Coming from the living room this morning I heard this..."Oh why oh why can't I have you? Why-eye-eye can't I have you-ou-ou? OOOOOHHHHH why can't I have you?" And it went on like this for 10 or so minutes.

Then I turned around to find a whimpering bug ..."What's wrong baby?" I asked.

"Why? Mommy? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????" Wahhhhhh! And he bursts into tears and goes into hysterics! Very similar to his brother's antics yesterday. He didn't stop bawling for almost 20 minutes!

When he finally calmed down enough to talk to me, I asked him why he was crying.

He said his song made him sad and he just had to cry.

Out of the mouths of babes ;0)