Country Music and Red Trucks

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Most of the boys I dated growing up were taller than me, bigger than me, football player types. I stand 5' 10" tall and have always had a "thing" for men taller than me... So when my friend Ursula hooked me up with a guy who loved Country music and had a red truck...this is all we had in common. He was exactly the same height as I was, lean medium build...a mere 150 lbs to my 165 and very different than anyone I had ever dated. We went to the movies and saw Sleepless in Seattle and sat in the car afterwards talking about our ex's for our first date. He kissed me goodnight at the door and that was that for another week. Our next date consisted of a country fair and lots of rides and junk food. He paid attention. On our first date, I had told him that the guy I would marry was going to be able to pick my ass up and carry me across the threshold. The second I stepped out of the truck, he picked me up effortlessly and carried me to the carnival entrance.


Well as we got to know each other better we found we had more and more in common...or less and less depending on how you looked at it. We both loved country music, had red trucks, going out to eat, cooking at home, driving in the country, talking, had similar views on raising kids, believed marriage was forever and had similar work ethics. I, however, was more liberal in my views, Catholic, grew up in a military family, went to college and was in grad school, both parents had college educations, liked to watch movies, tv, and play video games, go shopping, walk around the city, love the pool and the ocean, can swim like a fish, love being with people, grew up in suburbia with tons of friends and never met a stranger. I talk about everything, have a ton of patience (except for the dreaded PMS days) and can sit for hours with a glass of wine and a book and be completely entertained.

He, grew up on a dairy farm in rural WV with his mom and sister, spent his time driving the strip, was engaged at 19, had only finished a year and 1/2 of college and had moved up to NOVA to get a job, couldn't swim, hated television, hated crowds, could live in a cabin in the woods with no people for the rest of his life and never miss it, was Methodist/Baptist, very conservative in his views and not terribly sure if he wanted kids or not. He lost his father at 14 and new very little of his family background. He hates to read for pleasure. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "relax". He loves all kinds of music and silly videos. He can't sit still without falling asleep.

Guess who proposed on the ferry from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke despite our differences? Guess who is the most fantastic husband, father, friend, companion, lover, giver, philanthrapist and provider? He has the biggest heart, would do anything for me, his children, his family and friends. He hangs with people he doesn't like, goes places he doesn't want to go and does things he doesn't want to do because they are important to me.

This weekend is one of those times. It will be all about sitting around, playing in the pool, reading, eating and doing nothing. All things he cannot do for extended periods of time. All things he's doing because I asked him to. All things he's doing simply because he loves me. And I love him for it. Thank you honey, for all you do, especially for these times.