Wednesday's Dilemma- Murder She Wrote

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I know a family. Good people. Church goers. Three kids, two loving parents and the epitamy of wholesome goodness. Except for one thing...Dad is a murderer. He has recently been in prison for almost a decade for killing another man, on purpose, in broad daylight, with absolutely no regrets. For him it was an act of desperation.

You see, about 15 years ago, the Mom in this family somehow acquired a secret admirer. First it was a "Hi" in the hallway, then the occasional note, then a couple of random phone calls to her desk, then her home and this continued despite her comments of discomfort, and any other nice ways of saying "No, thank you, I'm married". Before you know it he was in love. So much so, that he wanted her to leave her husband and family behind and run away with him.

She, was flattered at first, then uncomfortable, then frightened and when the threats to her family started she got a restraining order. He was stalking her.

The last straw that broke Dad's back was when this man showed up at his home, and threatened the lives of his children if Dad would not let his wife go.
An ultimatum was given; a time frame if you will, and he walked away.

Dad promptly went into his house grabbed his shot gun and shot the man dead in the street about a block away. Outside, on purpose, with intent to kill.

If it were my kids or my husband, would I have done the same...I'd like to say the answer is "No." But I'm not so sure....

Is there a such thing as Justifiable Homicide?

Note: Parts of this story have been embellished or ommitted to protect the family. Obviously, this is the short version but the underlying theme is true.