Monday's Controversy- Ethnicity

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I love D.C. I love the colors, the smells, the sounds as they relate to people and things. I was reminded of these things last night as I ate dinner by the Potomac River (which has a very distinct smell of it's own, I might add) within viewing distance of the Kennedy Center and Thompson Boathouse. It was a typical, warm, muggy, hazy evening (summer has decended upon us in all it's stifling splendor, in one day mind you) and we were outside eating and drinking and talking and listening.

As the night wore on...this is Sunday remember...those sites, sounds and smells I was talking about, became increasingly abundant in nature. By the time we left at 10:30 p.m. there was more skin, and body parts hanging out than I ever care to see in my lifetime again. They were of all shapes and sizes, all colors and a veritable feeding frenzy began. The energy and heat that emitted from these people was astounding!! Young professionals of all walks of life from late 20's to early 30's began a game of cat and mouse, the likes of which I have never seen.

I've been living in Podunkdom way too long!! My views have changed and so has my lifestyle. I felt extremely out of place and no longer comfortable in my own skin. I have always found people of color fascinating and beautiful especially when the product of different cultures. I have spent a lot of time watching people, living with people and being friends with people of different belief systems, races, religions, political mindsets and sexual preferences other than my own. I respect said people for their choices and can usually engage in contoversial conversations with them and hold my own.

Last night was the exception. One of my dearest friends, with whom)I have known since the tender age of 12, was with me during this display and we had a very disturbing conversation.

She is the child of a bi-racial marriage and I love her dearly. I have watched her suffer and succeed for reasons strictly relating to her color of skin. We have had our jealousies of each other, of which I will not disclose at this time, but we generally agree to disagree when it comes to our mindset and political issues. She is a lawyer, schooled in Conflict resolution, and history. She lives smack in the middle of the District of Columbia and loves it. She is a single 30 something and in the heat of her career and life goals. I am not. I was married with children by 30, schooled in all things education, and live in a bubble. I don't read the paper or watch the news. I tend to deal with negativity by doing the best I can to get rid of it. She lives with a constant battle of Depression.

Her statement about the scene I've just described, was this...
"Living in the city I've learned that for every person who is dressed promiscuously, or otherwise judged (by me or herself) as 'inappropriate' does so because someone out there likes it. The different classes, and cultures, like different things. Hispanic and African American women tend to dress more provacatively to show off their curves. The more flesh the better. Women of Asian decent, while generally small and thin in nature tend to dress in tight clingy dresses ,mini-mini skirts, tight tees and higher heels to make them appear taller. Caucasian women are usually very sleek and trendily dressed or not."

I found it disgusting. I thought many of the girls were inappropriately dressed regardless of how they "thought" they looked. I certainly wouldn't want any child of mine dressed in such a fashion and I have boys! I watched the men watch the girls and found myself envying them at the same time. I was wishing I could have my pre-baby body back. I've always been a big girl, I stand 5'10" and have never worn a size 7 let alone realized there was even a size 0! Yet, I was appalled that even in this day and age, SEX, was exuding from these people like animals. It made me want to throw up, and in no way did I want to even try to understand. I have never had to or wanted to gain acceptance in this way.

Now. Does ethinicity really have anything to do with it? Or is this just a lifestyle that I've become unfamiliar with because of the direction my life has taken? People of like minds band together. People of like cultures band together. You can say the same about race, creed and just about anything. If all these "groups" of people cling to each other for commonality...what does that say about being a "melting pot "of a country? Being "culturally" diverse? Does diversity really mean separate but equal? If something is accepted by one group of people...does that make it okay? Do you feel you have the right to judge people on what you see?

Warning: Feel free to respond to any or all of these things here or in your own post (just let me know so I can read it!) , have conversations in the comment section, say what you feel, but please kind. I welcome all thoughts and opinions here, whether or not they match my own. But I will not tolerate negativity in any shape, fashion or form. Thanks!