First Things First

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What a fantastic day I had yesterday!! We (my boys and I) went to the Herndon Festival with about, 10,000 other people yesterday and had a blast! We rode crazy carnival rides and ate tons of junk food. We ended our excitement filled day sitting in the blazing 1000 degree sun drinking Frappacchino giveaways and eating cotton candy watching Deni Bonet , the two Ann's and her drummer who's name I can't remember right a phenomenal show despite the heat. She is radiant, energetic, spicy, full of life and incredibly talented. When you think of the best of New York, you think of Deni. Bright and beautiful, sassy and intriguing. My kids stayed and listened and danced for the entire hour and a half!! Her original show was slated on line to be 45 mins...which was the only bummer BECAUSE I didn't get to spend any whole lotta hang out time with her. She had already gone onstage when we finsished with our carnival bits and when the show was over I went up to introduce myself and spent about 10 minutes talking to her. Hardly enough time!! I had to bolt because it was already 3:15 we still had to walk back to our car and drive 45 minutes home then an hour back into the city...I was supposed to meet some friends in D.C. for dinner around 5:30 :0(

So goes it...At least we got to meet her and my kids loved her music (so did I)! At one point, J-Man #2 was standing in the middle of the grass, binky in his mouth, arms outstretched, eyes closed and body jammin' to the beat! And me without my cam-corder!! This is so how I want my kids to grow up. Appreciating how hard people work and the beauty talent can give to others.

If you ever get a chance to catch her won't be disappointed. I have to go order her CD now for J-Man #1..I was out of cash at the show! Go here to find her latest release and check out some of her photos and bio. Very cool lady, I hope meet her again someday. Until then Deni...see you in the Blogosphere!!

I'm off to write my first Can O' Worms installment.. I'll have it up later today ;0)