D.C. or Should I Say The Tropics?

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Can you say "Hot." Can you say "DAMN HOT!" Hot and humid at the National Zoo yesterday peeps. BUT it was one of the most glorious days anyone could ask for know why? I met one of the loveliest ladies in the blogosphere (note I said "one" there are of course many more of you out there *wink*) yesterday and her gorgeous-brilliant-curly-haired-chubby-cheeked children!!

I am, of course talking about the eloquent and loverly Raehan and her daughters Rachel and Hannah and her MIL, Grandma Betty. She, Raehan, is every bit as sweet, nice, intelligent and forthcoming as she is out here in the blogosphere. She was calm, cool and collected whilst chasing her baby around the monkey house, and pushing my six year old whiney boy in her stroller, which by the way, neither one of her girls wanted to ride in ;0)

We had about 60 broken conversations, it was 100 degrees and threatening to rain, and we totalled 5 adults and 8 kids! She took it all in stride. Rachel is a brilliant 4 year old who has a purple tiger purse that I'm totally jealous of and wants to write me a letter on the computer. She counted for me, told me where every relative she knows lives and has a smile that's to die for. She looks just like her Mom and is every bit as sharp! Hannah is cute as a button and we made fast friends. She let me carry her everywhere AND push her in my stroller ;0) She's got the chubbiest-squeezable cheeks you've ever seen and is a real spitfire. Raehan wasn't kidding when she said she climbs everything. She loved the turtles.

How do I know this you ask? Because when we were visiting the turtles she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and when we visited the elephants she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and when we visited the gorrillas she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and ... she was too cute! She also liked J-man and they shared her stroller quite a bit ;0)

Momma K, her girls, her two step sons and her mom, Unga Chunga also were part of this group. You all know, she is my fairy blog-mother and her youngest and my oldest go to school together. I spent some quality time with the effervescent Unga on the drive up and I got to know her even better. It's easy to see where Momma K gets her spunk and vivaciousness from! She told me stories, we talked blog speak and we both lost our voices being sickies together! She writes from her heart and tells wonderful tales about her life and family. Stop by and visit her at Act 4 if you don't already go there. You won't be sorry.

My favorite part of the whole day was at the very end when we all sat down to eat chocolate ice cream. Remember I told you how hot it was? Chocolate Ice Cream + heat + small children= big funny mess ;0) I would do it again in a heartbeat...although I would have a few others join us next time *wink*.
We missed you Angie and Meredith!!

It was truly like enjoying a day with an old friend, or a new one in this case. I guess we really are "for real" friends now. I felt like we've known her forever, and in a way we really did. Whoever says friendships don't exist here in blogland...they're wrong. ++++++++

Okay..now for a few more things...the purple streak and a partial picture of me too you lucky dogs...courtesy of Momma K's sneaky picture taking techniques.
Me with a dorky look on my face...and purple!

and there you have it!!! Oh and in case you didn't know...aka_Monty and Momma K are asking for you to create you own blog super hero. It was this weekend but I'm sure they would still love to hear from you!