The Waiting Game

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Well, as it turns out, the walk isn't quite as finished as we thought. Notice the picture below (yesterday's post) the angle it was taken from? Yeah, well if you walk around to the front of the house the side of that curved part was not slated. It's all concrete...oops...6 1/2 inches worth! That's a lot of back filling. So, they are supposed to come back today and "fix" it. We're waiting on the pool guy to give us a quote to get that fixed, waiting for school to be over, waiting for ALL of the ants to die, waiting to hear what's going to happen with that broken window incident, waiting to paint, waiting..waiting..waiting. It's all about patience. ;0) The story of my life! So while you are waiting right along with's a magnetic refrigerator poem I wrote with this site. I got the idea from Raehan over at Agog and Aghast. Some of you may have played so I chose a different set of words for this session. Have fun and let me know what you come up with!

Try imagination.
Waste no passion.
Observe grace.
Dream of beauty.
Capture an impression.