Toddler Speak

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Thought I'd provide some much needed translations to el family members...maybe you all can benefit too..

"Mom, you can put the tracks togedder so I not gonna wrap 'em again?"
Translation: Mom, will you put the tracks together for me. I promise I won't wreck them again.

"Mom, I drank my juice all"
Translation: "I'm done!"

"Mom, I not eatin' dinner"
Translation: "Mom, I'm not eating dinner...ever."

"Mom, I just take a sweepies"
Translation: "Mom, I just took a nap"

Said after crackers and cheese and peanut butter have been smooshed and flattened all over the table or Macaroni and chees has been thrown on the floor noodle by noodle....
Me: Why can't you eat like a normal person?
J-man #2: Because I'm not a normal person. Okay Mom?

Well alrightly then...