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So far so good!!

My vision for our own home is finally taking shape!! When we moved in 4 years ago...this house was yellow, overgrown, and falling apart. I've listed before the things we've done to it in that short amount of time here, but this was one of my personal milestones. No, I didn't do this myself, but I did design it. This is just the first stage and already it give a more energetic flow to the house! Hopefully by the end of today it will have another step and broken flagstones covering the whole thing. Yay!! I can finally plant flowers and have a decent looking

Addendum: Things have been crazy here this past week with ceremonies, parties, end of the year this and that...AND we had a huge storm yesterday that blew my power until 6 a.m this morning. So, I will be by A.S.A.P!!! Two more days of craziness...and we're done!