Thursday's Conundrum- Same Sex Relationships Gone Wrong

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Most of you know I am pro children. In the most basic sense, they are to be treated with respect, loved, taught right from wrong, and treated fairly. With this comes self-confidence, respect for adults and and inherent sense of good and bad. I do not condone children should be seen and not heard, however, I believe that kids need limits and a healthy amount of rejection is necessary for growth and independence.

This is not one of those times. Unfortunately, these children have no say in the matter. They are too young to speak for themselves and may never see each other again.

Two young ladies fell in love. They wanted to become partners for life and have children together. Both wanted the physical and emotional experience of having a baby so they were both artificially inseminated by the same sperm donor. One had a single child, one had twins with one unfortunate birth defect...Down's Syndrome. This mom chose to stay home and care for all three kids while the other mom went to work and became "the bread winner".

Things have gone sour. The two women want to go their separate ways, but the one who has stayed home with these children and been supported by her partner is suing for alimony and child support.

Here's the issue. They aren't married. According to "the bread winner" she has no ties to these other two children. As far as she is concerned, they had their own babies they should take care of their own children and be done with it.

There was a similar case in VT. The child was born to a same sex couple in a state where same-sex marriage is recognized. The relationship dissolved and one partner moved with the 2 year old daughter to VA where same-sex marriage is not legal. Now a custody battle has ensued and things are complicated because of the laws of two different.

I don't know the outcome of this case at this time, but my question is What about the kids? Kids that are at least half brothers and sisters biologically are involved and a child who is old enough to know two parents as Mommy and Momma is involved. Two of them are "married" in the eyes of the law, two of them are not. These women took on this responsibility together. So now these kids not only have the issues of "divorce" to deal with, but the stigma of same sex parenting. There are so many issues involved here so I'll leave it up to you as to what you want to address, but my question still remains. What about the kids?