Finished and a First.

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Well, it's finally come to fruition!! I'm so excited, after 4 years it's starting to look like more than a box! Now to plant the flowers...;0)


Want to find out how much t.v. your kid really watches? Ground them.

Yes, for the first time in his natural born life, J-man was grounded pending Dad's return from MA. He was caught by a neighbor throwing rocks and breaking windows with his partner in crime "T".

You'd think I'd be steaming mad. I thought I'd be steaming mad...but for some reason I was very calm and objective. I got a call from the other boys mom saying that a neighbor caught them throwing rocks at the little house near the water tanks. No one lives there, it's just a little office but it was vandalism nonetheless. I marched him over there to show me the damage he did (broke two panes) and then sent him straight to his room. When I went up later I asked him what happened. He told me that "T" found a piece of glass and threw it against a concrete block and it smashed. They thought it was cool and start to throw rocks at the glass to break it more. Then "T" stood on the block and threw a rock at the window and J-man followed suit. When I asked why he would do something he knew was wrong he just stared at me.

"Mom? What did I do wrong?" Huh??
"You think it's okay to throw rocks at windows and break them?
"But you thought it was okay to break these windows?"
"Because they were already broken."

He's right. There were 3 panes covered in cardboard from previous "on-purpose-accidents". And in his 6 year old little brain, he was thinking it was okay to do this because the window was already broken. Alright..this I can live with. He was honest, remorseful, and afraid of what was going to happen next. What more could I ask for. I was that weird?

I told you I'm a yeller by rights. I think he was more freaked because I was so calm. He knew he was really in trouble. In my own head, I was breathing a sigh of relief, but certainly wasn't going to let him in on that.

"You're grounded until further notice. We'll talk again when Daddy gets home."

He wrote an apology note, was not allowed to play with his friends , didn't get dessert, or a story before bed. No priviledges period.

It was the longest 2 1/2 hours of my life!! I said he could play games but no video or computer games, does this include DVD games? It's tv watching and computer game DVD games. Decided. So instead, they continued to run around the house like caged animals, having fun, but LOUD. No t.v. or stories before bed= no wind down time. The stone guys didn't finish until almost 7 p.m. and they couldn't even handle sitting at the door watching them. Meltdown time. Baths, teeth, bathroom. They were both in bed asleep by 7:45.

And I still have two more days of this grounding crap. Isn't he the one who's supposed to be in trouble???