I"m Outta Here!!

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But first!! If you haven't done so already, please go wish Momma K a very happy birthday #32!!

We are headed to the beach bright and early tomorrow a.m!! YEAH!! I'm exhausted from this week of potting in the 100 degree heat. I still need to pack and wrap stuff for the kids. When I was little my Mom would confiscate the cereal box toys and keep them for long trips. She would wrap them up and when we were bored of riding in the car she'd grab her bag of goodies, we'd pick one out and unwrap it. SURPRISE!! A toy to entertain ;0) Well, they don't put toys in cereal boxes so much anymore, so the dollar store will have to do! I'll have the laptop and internet access there so I'll be by to visit! I'm hoping to post some while I'm gone, but who knows???! Have a fantastic week and stay cool!! I'm sure I'll have much to share when I return! 7 Glorious days of fun and sun...hopefully! No hurricanes please. Bu-bye!