10 Things About Me...

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Okay...this may be difficult, but sounds like a challenge I'm up for. Thanks Momma K for zee ideer. My turn! 10 things I've done that I bet you haven't...

1. Jumped head first off a bridge(into a river of course!)

2. Met and kissed every member of the Country group Alabama.

3. Owned a Tarantula as a pet.

4. Had my hair pulled by a ghost (yes, really).

5. Had a child via C-section born blue.

6. Have talked with an intuitive twice that was actually right.

7. Have a father who was holed up on a ship with Frank Sinatra when he was 3 and stole a bulb from his movie projector.

8. Had Jimmy Carter's motorcade stop for a group of my friends and I just to get out say "Hi".

9. Swam with dolphins in the ocean.

10. Have a brother who has owned more cars than he is old...that would be 33 years.

Wow! Didn't think I could do that...Peace!


Anonymous said...

I'm very irritated about the snow too. I'm stealing this idea! But like you, I don't know if I can list 10 things...we'll see. :0) Rebe