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That's all I've been hearing for 3 freakin' days is "NO!".
J-man #1 was never a 2 yr old. He skipped from 18 months directly to 3 and then decided to be a demonstrative terror. We had food additive issues that sent him in to Hyperactive overload. Thank God he's grown out of that! However, I decided to have another one.

What a cutie pie he was...was being the operative word here. Cute until he's decided that he is going to be independent. Cute until he figured out that he can bat those baby blues and we bust a gut. Cute until he decided to cry and whine about EVERY FREAKIN' THING sixteen times a day at 20 decibels. Cute until he discovered that the word "No." is going to send me to an early grave.

This, was my day today.

"What would you like for breakfast sweetie? Cereal?"
"French Toast."
"French Fried Frog Legs?"
"NO! I don't want bre-fast! I-WANT-CHOCOLATE-MILK!"
"Alright, bud, let's go get your shoes on and take your brother to the bus stop."
"No. I want my lunch box."

"Okay, we'll get it as soon as we take your brother to the bus."
"No. I want to go to pre-school." Now, while I'm all excited about a 2 year old wanting to go to preschool, 2 minutes before the bus comes is not the time to discuss this!!!

"Shoes on."
"NOOOOO!!!! I want a snack in my lunch box." Alright, I'll play your game...

"Okay I'm leaving, be right back."
"NOOOOOOO....don't leave me!" Proceeds to fling himself out the door no coat, no shoes.

Bus drives by. We race down the sidewalk and make it just as it starts to pull away.


"Come on, kiddo, we gotta get movin'." Shoes on, coat on, we're on our way to the truck. Hey! we're doing great! Unlock the door, lay my keys on the dash, pop him the hubby's truck, buckle up, close the door. Lock the van, close the garage, get to driver's side of the truck, door's locked. No prob. Go around to J#2's side, pull on the handle....door's locked. Guess what folks? Doors lock automatically in the hub's '92 Dodge Dakota. Yup.

"Hey, kiddo, open the door. It's locked" Blank stare.

"Buddy, un-buckle and pull up the button. You're locked in the car. I can't get in." More blankness.

"J-man open the door!"

"No." I did eventually end up getting in through the back window. Thank goodness the
hubby takes his time fixing things. :0)


"Here honey let me help you with that remote."
"NO! I wanna do it!"

"But I can show you how to..." Oye, here we go...
"NOOO! WAHAHHA ! I want to do it myself!"

"But..." I feel a headache comin' on.
"NOOOO!!! MEEEE!!!!"

"Okay, okay, here, you do it yourself."...maintaining calm...sort of..
"Mommy will you help me?"

See what I mean????!!!! I'm going to be in a mental hospital before I'm 40!!!