Some People Amaze Me...

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Well, Easter is over and once again my house looks as though a tornado hit it. Oh, well it was fun while it lasted and my niece is cute as a button. We had a great time regardless of the pouring rain, screaming-fighting-crying children and snarling dogs....really *snicker-snicker*

Prior to the craziness I call Easter...we went to a birthday party. It rained that day also and was really cold. There was supposed to be a moon-bounce, which is always a good time among 5-6 year olds, but of course, they didn't get it because it was a $225 dollar gamble they weren't willing to take. Understandable. So, the theme was A Luau. Great for a girls party but the 4 boys that were there weren't interested in the grass skirts and would much rather spend their time running around slinging mud at each other. Yay, fun. I ate my face off and had grand conversation with 2 or 3 other moms and one Dad. We stayed warm and toasty inside by the fire while the kids yucked it up outside. 25 children were invited and 2 responded saying they couldn't come. Approx 15 children were there. This included siblings. Where was everyone???

I asked the hostess what happened to all her guests and she rolled her eyes and said that there were a bunch of 'No shows'. How RUDE! Had enough food to feed an army, 3 different games with gifts for ALL the kids invited, goodie bags and kites for everyone and cake to feed 40 people!!! Thank God she didn't get the moon bounce too!

I was brought up to call before you visit, leave the place you're visiting cleaner than you found it and call to inform. This meaning yes/no to parties, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be early etc. etc. Common courtesy!!! Does is not exist anymore? Especially in this day and age with cell phones hanging out of everyone's ear, how hard is it to call? Am I crazy? The more places I go, the more I see this. I've started sending out invites with Regrets only just so I can make sure I have enough of everything and double checking with most guests to make sure of their answers.

My sister invited some friends for dinner the other night and they never showed up. The invited guests called the next day to say they all had coughs and just weren't up to it. What's that about?

So, my question to you is this. Do you think I'm crazy? and How do you feel about invitations and responses. No judgements made here. You know how I feel. I'm really interested in what you think and why.