Da-da-dat-dat-da Wonder Woman!

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It came!! My Dukes of Hazzard and Wonder Woman box sets! Well, the Dukes was disguised as the Hubby's birthday present from the boys...but who's to know? Anyhow, J-man #1 has been watching Tom and Jerry from the grand-rents oh, for forever now. So, it (the Dukes) is now his second favorite thing to watch and at an hour a day, we should get a lot of mileage out of 2 seasons worth! Plus it should save my TiVO from be crammed up with Sponge Bob and T&J episodes!

Well, Wonder Woman was for me. I love Linda Carter and secretly wanted to be her as a child. Still do in my bad mommy moments! So I sat down last evening to watch the Pilot. I vaguely remembered it from my youth, but OH what a different perspective I have now as an adult!

It starts off with FDR saiying "The hope for freedom an democracy is...POW da-da-dat-dat-da WONDER WOMAN! " Major Steve Trevor flyng in his WW II fighter jet trying to shoot down a Nazi pilot. Of course they are flying over the ominous Devil's Triangle which has many tropical but as of yet unchartered islands. So how exactly do they know they are tropical??? Ponder...ponder.

Then of course they shoot each other at the same time and both manage to parachute out at the last minute. BUT said Nazi pilot has a hand gun and shoots Major Steve in the heart! Oh no! But then, ahh, Nazi man falls into a shark infested ocean...well we know what happens then don't we?

Next scene, Princess 'Linda', and her red-head-wigged friend are flitting and giggling along the beach in what looks to be baby doll-gauzy-touiled-nighties and the happen upon the washed up parachute.

Giggle, giggle, run, flounce...

"Princess, I've never seen that before..."
"Neither have I. Let's find out what it is"
"What do you think it is?"
"I think it's called a...parachute"
"But what's it doing here on Paradise Island?
"It's a man"
"He's been hurt. He's almost dead Rena.
"A man here on our island?"
"Help me lift him..." "I've never seen a man in the flesh before?
"Who of us have? Poor deprived souls!

WW picks him up and starts to run down the beach. My hero!

Then a conversation between the Princess and her mother (Cloris Leachman) ensues .
Where did you find the man daughter?
On the beach near the cave, will he be alright?
Yes, in time, but will we?
"We, mother?"
"The instant he returns to civilization, the world will know about Paradise island then where will be?"
"But surely some men can be trusted?"
"You are too young to remember how we women were slaves in Rome and Greece and I promised myself that I would never let that happen again...I found this island where we could live in peace, harmony and sisterhood. "
"About this man?"

I named this island paradis e fro a reason there are no men on it...it is free of their wars, barbaric masculine behavior...hmmm...she has a point..nah!

But mother 1000's of years have past perhaps men are now...different.

Then she wants to play nurse to him to "observe the male species for scientific purposes."

Anyway, we find out later that she an immortal Amazon woman, performs in a mask in a tournament to determine she is the strongest and that she will take him back to the U.S in her invisible jet. Then, she stays to protect their secret identity. Maybe this was the beginning of ongoing debate of the definition of Feminism. Today's post by aka_monty lends credence to this very well by the way ;0) And as for strong women...read Average Mom and her lastest post on delivery of her son. Oh my Gawd!...Talk about Wonder Women!

She gets back to the states and glides innocently through the streets of D.C. catching bank robbers, and parading around the streets in her red, white and blue costume.

I still love it as silly as it seems. I was also a big Little House, Three's Company, and Facts of Life Fan.

What were your favorite shows growing up? Do you look at them differently now that you are a grown-up? Do we ever really grow-up? ;)