Incompetence Broke My Table

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Broken Table

This is the table I got for my Christmas present. The $500 table that my kids dented up in one day, but I didn't really care because they were superficial dents easily refinished when the were older and after all it's only a table right?


I'm trying really hard to look at it like this. BUT when the slightest bit of pressure was put on the bottom shelf, it split in two on both sides! Of course this happened Easter morning after we were late for church because I forgot to check the mass schedule and it was pouring rain and the kids were strung out on candy highs....and....and...and.... you get the picture. It was that kind of morning.

So we took the table out to the garage and noticed that the legs were really wobbly. We also noticed that the screws that were supposed to hold the legs to the bottom of the table WERE MISSING! They had completely forgotten to put them in! All that was holding the four posts to the bottom platform of the table were four 1/4" dowels. One in each post! This is supposed to be an activity table specifically designed for CHILDREN to play on.

I say they because we had to pay $30 extra to have PBK's people put the table together. I guess we aren't considered competent enough, whatever. And No, we weren't given the option to

So, the Hubby calls them on Monday to see what we can do about this. Ready?

They will give us a $50 store credit or they can send a furniture Doctor out to look at it and try to fix it! $50!!! That's it! The table itself was $399 before baskets and S&H and the damn "put together" fee! Of course they don't sell the table anymore...hmmm...should of clued into that one. So I don't have a full picture of what it looked like before... I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Are people really that incompetent? Do we really not get what we pay for anymore? Have you ever had an experience like this?

I'll let you know what happens.