A Thankful Mistake...I Hope

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Recently I wrote about some sobering moments where I received a nasty gram, or rather a link to such. I assumed that it was from the author herself since it came to me via email. I read a story that the shoehound wrote and shared a similar experience. Shortly afterward I received an email linking me to this sight and the following post about "know it alls". I was extremely hurt and confused that someone would not only say these things about me, but not directly to me. It turns out...someone thought I should read this as it pertained to my story. It was NOT the author. After a couple of days and a bit of calming down and some suggestions from friends, I realized I needed to give Bari the benefit of the doubt, though all signs pointed directly toward me. I got an immediate response from her and she DID NOT write it about me. First of all, thank God for that, second of all who the hell had the balls to send that to me and not tell me who you were? You are allowed to have your own opinion whoever you are, mine does not have to match yours. I will no longer partake in this senseless banter. I stand by what I said earlier...if you have something to say to me...say it but be kind. Lastly, I am sorry Shoehound, that you had to defend yourself out of my supposed issues. You should be able to say whatever it is that you want without worrying about this kind of crap. Thanks for your honesty (and remind me never to piss you off ;0) )

She sounds like a brilliant teacher and I look forward to reading more about her daily goings on.

Remember people your words have power and there are people behind those words.