Hello again...

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Sorry for the boring day peeps...I've been playing as you can see. Took me all freakin' day too! J-man #2 is sick and sleeping and J-man #1 isn't home from school just yet. Laundry and other such menial tasks await...so, I decided to play instead!

I'm still trying to give credit where credit is due...Claypot Image Maker is where I made the doll...and 360 degrees of sky is where I stole the idea from. Thanks Zinnia! There are some very cool places if you have the chance to look around. I'm trying to figure out what I want this site to look like, personalize it I mean...then I'm going to pay someone to fix all my mistakes! But I'm certainly having fun until then! This is what I would look like in Japanese-cartoon-animation-kinda-sorta-way. I'm working on the rest of my family now ;0) Tomorrow I'll write something noteworthy..Hubby's out of town for 4 days! Til then...ciao!