Exercise...Do you?

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I eat wrong, exercise well, and sleep less than I should. I've always claimed that I could live on chocolate and still lose weight. I'm not a small girl. I've probably waffled between a size 12-16 since I was in the seventh grade. Well, at my best, I was rowing crew every afternoon, running 3-5 miles a day and lifting weights 3 times a week. At my best, I was 147 lbs.

Now, 2 kids and 20 years later, I am about 163 ish lbs and a size 12 on a good day in Old Navy stretch jeans. I can't seem to go below that...the infamous "they" once said, "After 35, it will take twice as long to get back into shape". What shape might that be? Pear shape? Pumpkin shape? Bad shape? It's all relative, I suppose.

Anywho, I started to "get into shape" about a year ago, with this cool new class called Body Flow.

It's a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Okay, I'll bite.

Yoga- relaxing, meditative contortions of your body named after what first seems to be strong, amazon women. Things like Sun Warrior, Mountain Pose, and my favorite Extended Warrior shooting arrows. Then when you're feeling all strong and invincible you start doing things with names like crocodile, tree pose, dancer, horse stance, seal pose, happy baby, and my absolute fav Down DOG!!

Pilates- the only pilates moves we do are abs...really HARD abs...picture this...get on the floor on your hands and knees. Now, push your body into a push-up, raise one leg, now lower your upper body to the floor and back up again... 10 times in a row!

Tai Chi--never stop moving...my favorite and most beautiful part of the whole routine. Long, languid moves that make anyone look like a ballet dancer.

At the end of the whole thing you get to lie on your back and relax for 10 minutes for cell regeneration. Put all these together and you have Body Flow.

From all of this, I have lost 12 pounds in the past year and realized that 20 year old body I used have is still there. Now all I have to do to keep it that way is stand on my tiptoes stretch my hands way above my head and look down...my boobs have gone back to their teenage positions and I have a flat stomach!

Now, if I could just figure out how to walk around.....