Thankless Chores...Back by Popular Demand ;0)

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I was doing my usual monthly chore of ironing and decided to re-post this today. It's from my very first week of blogging so I didn't have a lot of blog friends then. Thought I'd share to make your menial chores more efficient. Enjoy!

I hate a matter of fact, I will do just about anything else to avoid it including watching paint dry! However, in my search for some witty commentary about ironing (to once again, you got it, avoid it), I found some interesting things to make it...ummmm.. a tad bit more interesting. Like, for example, the number of people who included the misspelling of the word iron in their websites. Or...I want one of these... the Dressman Robot. How's that for do-it-yourself? Then there's my favorite...just heat 'em up and his secrets are revealed Sexy Ironing Board covers! And then finally, some folks with really nothing better to do with their lives than...ready for this?...see who can stage the best UNDER WATER IRONING shot! I kid you not! Well peeps...I guess I'll get back to it. I feel better now. Thanks!

And last but certainly not least...Extreme Ironing.


Alessandra said...

You're not alone!! I hate ironing so much that I make piles of clean, wrinkled clothes just to put them back again in the washer machine in a vain attempt to iron them while still warm from the dryer.

Light & Dark said...

If you really want something to keep you occupied instead of ironing, you should check out Extreme Ironing.

They also have their own website - surfing the galleries alone is enough to keep me away from my dress shirts for days! (