Okay...this sent me over the edge

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Here's a fun one for you. See how long you will live. According to this Longevity test I am considered obese! My BMI at 163 lbs and 5'10 puts me at 31.47 !!!! I AM NOT FAT people! Overweight, maybe, more like I need to shift some stuff around, although now,I certainly feel fat! So, I went back and changed it....tee hee ....to 160 lbs and it decreased my BMI from 31.47 to 23 something??? 3lbs? Hmmmm.....so I'm thinkin' this part isn't so accurate. However, it didn't change my longevity score any and the rest of the questions seemed pretty reasonably true. I'm going to live to the ripe old age of 92! This is what I expected, actually. Mom's parents have recently passed. Nana was 91, I think, and Grandpa was around the same. Dad's mom is still alive at 89 and Grandpa on the paternal side passed from a heart attack at 54 ish. He was obese and had a bunch-o -health problems ta boot. None of which have afflicted myself or anyone else in my family...yet. So, I'm assuming I take after mom's side. Here's hoping!

So, how 'bout you?