Happy Spring!

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"Good day sunshine....good day sunshine....gooood daaaay suunnnshine!" Thank you John, Paul, Ringo, and George! Happy Spring everyone! Still not as warm as it should be this time of year, but the sun is out and I don't feel like hibernating anymore so that's a good thing!

There are birds living in the side of my house! As I sit here typing I hear the CRASH! FLUTTE-FLUTTER! The bad part is that they are in the vent to the only bathroom on this floor...remember I live with 3 boys ....

The hubby is home, which helps a great deal too. I slept sooooo much better last night. We get to put my new hutch in tonight and I can finally put all my PILES of stuff away!!!!! YAY! Then onto finishing all the projects I've started in my own house, instead of everyone else's. Did I mention one of my phenomenal skills is procrastination???

Why is it you always want to clean when it's bright and sunny out? Why not when it's dark and dreary and cloudy and you can't do anything outside anyway?

What are your projects for the warmer weather?