10 things I've never done...

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Okay, this is a little different than the last one of these I did. 10 things I've never done instead of that I have and you haven't. You are supposed to change only the ones that you have done and replace them with ones you haven't...
This was SSW's

1. Been white water rafting, (even though my mom, my sisters, my husband, and my children have.)
2. Been to Europe.
3. Changed a flat tire.
4. Eaten lettuce.
5. Milked a cow.
6. Finished college.
7. Bought anything from a telemarketer.
8. Gone snow skiing.
9. Done drugs.
10. Owned my own home.

Here goes mine, now this is scary, I changed them all and saying something about me...Yikes!:
1. Been to Austrailia-want a visitor Vegemite?
2. Broken a bone.
3. Gotten a boyfriend that I liked first.
4. Cussed someone out.
5. Played UNO fairly..heh..heh :0)
6. Killed anyone or any living thing (except bugs).
7. Been arrested.
8. Caught the person who hit and smashed our car in front of our house last
summer at 4 in the morning.
9. Found out what "Meme" means.
10. Met a stanger. ;0)

Okay...now I have to defend myself here with the drug one...it was only once, it was marijuana and it was in college. I did inhale (sorry mom!) and it didn't do squat...Thank GOD! Other than that nuttin'.

Rules are the same as always, play if you want and let me know or don't ;0)

Update: Since I've written this I did find out what "meme" means : "any piece of information passed from one mind to another"; "a unit of cultural transmission"; "the cultural counterpart of genes." So saith Google. Did I think to look it up myself?? Did I mention I'm blonde? Thanks for savin' my ass again Hoss. I'm such a dolt sometimes.....sheesh!