Happy Mother's Day!

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J-man #1 came home with "A Special Cookbook for Mom" Friday and it contained recipes as dictated by all the kids in his class and answers to 5 special questions about us Mom's. I just DIED LAUGHING! It's so incredibly cute I have to share.

M&M Cookies

1. Put 3 dumps of cinnamon in a big white mixer bowl.
2. Add only 2 eggs and a big skinny block of butter.
3. Put 5 pieces of dough in the bowl.
4. Put 13 M&M's in the bowl-but not the nut ones!
5. Mix it.
6. Put the dough on the tray.
7. Put in an oven that is hot as lava and bake for 13 minutes.
8. Then you can take to school!

Q: How old was your mother when she had her first boyfriend?
A: I don't think she had a boyfriend -but she has a brother!

Q: Where's our Mom's favorite place to shop?
A: Everywhere

Q: How does your Mom relax?
A: Watch t.v. then rest a little bit.

Q: If your Mom went to Kindergarten again-what would be her favorite activity?
A: Be the teacher's helper

Q: Why do you love your Mom?
A: Because she makes nice things and gives me birthday presents like cowboy boots!

Ain't he the bestest?!

Hope you all are celebrating with the special Mom's in your life today! Have a great one!