Home Parties...Hate 'em!

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Know why? Because I seem to have $ burning a hole in my pocket even when there's nothing there!! It's an illuuuuuusion. But for some reason I always find myself going to them...or at least being invited constantly. I've learned not to go if I don't need anything...for example..Southern Living. I didn't go...and I bought $100 worth of decorative crap! I needed the wrought iron trays to set a 9x9 pan in AND the 9x13 one as well. I also had to have the wrought iron hooks to hang on the imaginary wall space I have in the hallway in the hopes that my children will hang their coats, book bags, leashes...etc. on them. Yeah, whatever.

And then there's Pampered Chef, because you know I need an eight inch pizza cutter...we don't eat pizza and when we do it's from Anthony's and already cut...you know a knife just isn't good enough!

And let's see...oh...Creative Memories... now there's a hole waiting for me to just throw my $ into. I have probably...let's see ...six, no, seven scrapbooks sitting upstairs with every gizmo, gadget and deely-bopper available waiting for my memories to appear as if by magic...power layouts, cropping classes, paper and stickers flying everywhere!!! Did I mention I have two very young boys?? Who LOVE to cut, color and stick? Hmmm...well...me thinks you know where that's heading. But I had to have it!

Party Lite...candles...everyone needs 'em right? They smell good...burn away to nothing...then you buy more at $27 a pop. Better yet, buy some really pretty glass holders to put them in.. and I will put them where in my loverly home? Did I mention I have 2 small highly creative, loud, rambunctious boys? They'll last a while, I'm certain of it. Well here's what J-Man #2 thinks of my candles. Obviously, I didn't buy enough for him..or is it that I have too many?

Money burning holes...fires in my pockets needing to be put out I tell ya. AND THEN, if you're really special, you too can have a party in your very own home!!! Where you put lots of undue stress on yourself by inviting everyone you've ever known, cleaning massively, buying lots of food, and sitting waiting patiently for 3 people to show up. Sound like fun to you? Give me a damn catalog...I'll give you my $100 and YOU can stress over it!

P.S. I love the fact that you all completely justified me feeding my kids cookies and crap for dinner.. Thanks!