What if?

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I've been thinkin' ...scary I know... what if there was a way to determine human potential based on certain demographics such as geographical location and household income. I watched this the other night and apparently there is a mathematical theorum or algorithm that can predict baseball averages and it was then applied to determining human potential. Of course, someone was killed for it and that was the plot for the show. I'm not certain that such a beast even truly exists...after all it is a t.v. show...however, what if it did?

Now, I'm generally not politically minded. I live my life vicariously through the experience of others. I am a bit ecclectic in my beliefs and convictions. Blame it on the Libra in me, but one thing I do know is kids.

Now, say you have this mathematical algorithm that can be applied to babies as soon as they are born, based on their parents demographics. Race, geographical location, income level etc. etc. And put all of these tid-bits of information into this theoretical equation and you have PRESTO your success ratio and potential all figured out. What your probability for job choice will be, earning potential, and status ratios. All figured out with this handy little bunch of numbers.

The object being governing agencies would know how and where to invest their monies, which school's to fund, what kids to focus on, give scholarships to, mold...if you will.


Another good reason why we need separation of church and state. Why moral and ethics don't mix with politics and power. Why we need organizations such as Amnesty International and school system's that do not promote tracking and do not give every child in the worst possible situatitons a chance to succeed.

What if it were you? Your children? What would you do?

What if?