All Your Questions Answered Here!

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Several of you have asked to see the things I've done in my own home. You were curious as to where I lived and what my innards looked like? Okay you asked for it! (For Square Slant) THIS is where I live. It's a cozy, modest little place I like to call home. In the foothills...literally. We are surrounded by dirt. Hard to imagine million dollar horse farms around us isn't it? I told you we were do-it-yourselfer's! We purchased this trailer from a very nice family in WV... actually it was abandoned and we decided to refurbish. I've always wanted a log home so I figured why not? Chopped down some local national forest and Voila! Instant log home! So, what do you think? ;0)

Actually...this really is someone's home...just not mine. It's in the foothills of Jerome, Arizona. We spotted it on our way back to Sedona. I couldn't believe it when I saw it myself ;0)