A Visit From Beyond

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Well, it was a beautiful weekend in West By God. Nothing but the sounds of peace and serenity for two whole days. Birds chirping, wind blowing, rain dropping, rainbows appearing...that's right I'm convinced my mother in law came to say "hi" from the world beyond for the briefest of moments in the form of a rainbow...huge and full of color...here's the picture. I only had my camera phone so hopefully it will show up decently. It was one of those rains that lasted about 5 minutes, huge drops and the sun was still shining so it looked like you were being doused by a sprinkler

Other sounds of the weekend included chainsaw's grinding, trees falling, bonfire crackling, marshmallow's melting, husband screaming...oh yeah...did I mention the hubs spent Sat evening in the ER? Yeah...whilst cutting, with a very sharp razon knife, a marshmallow roasting stick for the boys, he managed to slice a very big hole in the webbing between his first and middle fingers. It warrented a 3 hours stay in the waiting room and 7 stiches. He's on some happy drugs now and I think the tetnus shot hurt more than the stiches *heh...heh* He'll live. He also won't be teaching our kids how to whittle anytime soon. ;0)

Other than that particular mishap, we had a great weekend. We were also home a day early so we went to the movies. Madagascar was a terribly cute movie...excellent graphics, great for young kids. Some adult humor also, maybe an oversimplified storyline for my taste, but all in all, a good flick.

HOWEVER..there was one tiny little eeeny-weeny itsy-bitsy thing that really pissed me off!!! The commercial crap before the movie, you know the stuff the theatre shows to advertise t.v.!!! Not even the previews which were fine, but there was a commercial for MTV where they show a paper bag puppet, then they show someone lighting the puppet on fire because they don't like what it's saying, then the guy holding the puppet shouts "What the HELL?" Now, I'm sorry...previews or commercials or whatever are supposed to be rated for all audiences are they not? This movie, granted, was rated PG, but this preview runs at all movies! This is not something I would choose for my 2 and 6 year old children to hear. Thank goodness I have taught them both that they are not nice things to say and yes, they both picked up on it, I just thought it was inappropriate that's all. I'm no saint, but I don't want my kids de-sensitized to this stuff either. I'll save that speech for another day.

Hope you all had a great one!! Until tomorrow then...