Some People...

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...really piss me off! For various reasons, but today is a biggie.

We live a modest lifestyle. I, my husband, nor have my children ever gone without something we've needed. I am extremely blessed that I do not "have" to work, my kids are involved in several activities and we can still go out to eat once in a while. We do a lot of work around here ourselves. Around these here parts it's know as "The W squared Way" for do it yourself projects. A monikker, I've come to admire.

Thus far, in the 4 years we've lived in this house, we have replaced all of the upstairs carpet, re-done both boys rooms, the upstairs bathroom, all the fixtures and painted the downstairs bathroom, painted the living room, built an entirely new fireplace mantel and hearth, replaced all 29 windows and the front door, replaced all the wood on the exterior of the house, put up new siding, fixed the effin' pool twice going on number 3, landscaped the front yard, put up a fence AND we are about to replace our front stoop and walkway. All by our little ol' selves.

Occasionally, I will find a bag of clothes on my front step from parts unknown. I am grateful that my kids have a buttload of clothing and I rarely have to buy anything. There are several older boys in the neighborhood and if I can't use them, I always find someone who can.

BUT this is not an open invitation to drop your CRAP on my doorstep! Do not leave your broken shit in my yard! Pick up your freakin' dog poop especially when I'm standing in the window watching you!

I have some how acquired pj's for girls I HAVE 2 BOYS!, zipper pant bottoms minus the pants, one soccer cleat, shirts with holes in them, shirts with stains on them, dirty clothes, pants with holes in the knees, a rusty, purple girl's bicycle (did I mention that I HAVE 2 BOYS!) that was left out all winter in the same damn spot to rot, and an old baby pool without the drainage plug.

For what? Does my house have a Salvation Army sign posted somewhere I don't know about? Who do you think you are dropping your shit, and it is shit, at my door? And you know something else? I take it back, this crap isn't even good enough to drop at Salvation Army. It belongs in the dumpster! If you're too effin' lazy to drag your ass to the dump yourselves, the least you could do is ask me to do it for you!

I chose to make the sacrifices I have in my life for my family. And while it's nice to think of me when your kids grow out of stuff or aren't using it anymore, that's great. But nobody likes garbage, leftovers or a little respect...for yourselves.

Some people...


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