Time? Who Needs it..it's all relative right?

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I am a pretty laid back person. Time, while important, does not mean much to me. Let me preface this by saying, I do not like to be late, I like to be on time for other's sakes, and I don't mind waiting a reasonable amount of time for others especially if I know they are chronically late but other than that who cares? I don't wear a watch...I have exactly 3 time measurers in my home. A clock on my stove, a clock on my microwave and an alarm clock that rests on my husband's nightstand because he needs to get up at o-dark-thirty to go to work. When I do use an alarm clock...I set it 1/2 hour early so I can get the illusion of staying in bed for that extra 5 minutes... over and over again ;0)

Usually I wake up naturally or someone "helps" me wake up by standing at the side of my bed staring at me or whispering "Mommy...are you awake?...MOOOOMMMM, I want breakfast. Mooommmmy....." You get the idea.

I celebrate birthday's, but whether I'm 28 or 38 it really doesn't matter...I like to live every day like it's my last. I want to appreciate everything I have, every moment of my life, my kids lives, my parent's lives. It's just not worth worrying what if? I'm more of a "focus on the positive"type person.

Similarly, I am often teased by my husband and friends because to me...it's 20 minutes to anywhere and everywhere.

"How far is D.C. from here?"
"Oh 20 minutes give or take 20 depending on traffic."
"How far is Fairfax?"
"20 minutes if you drive really fast and take all the short cuts."
"What time is it? "
"It's almost 3 o'clock."
"It's...you guessed it..20 minutes after 2..or til 3 give or take" ;0)

It's a response that comes out of my mouth before I even have a chance to think about it. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes an hour. Who cares as long as you leave early enough right?

So, imagine my surprise when J-man #1 announces:

"Mom, I'm six now. That means I'm almost 10!"

He had to get it from somewhere ;0)