Compliment Your Blogroll Day..If you can that is...

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You got's Compliment Your Blogroll Day and tomorrow too because some of you have really long ones ;0) Heck, take the whole weekend if you'd like! It's a lot of work..I'm not going to lie...

All you do is copy your blogroll into a post and say one or two nice things about each one. Simple right? Heh..heh...enjoy!

A Mom and Her Blog~ Tammy Blogging goddess...caring, kind and advocate for all who can't do it for themselves. She truly could save the world.
Agog and Aghast -Raehan~Charming, witty and poised. She has shared the beauty in bringing up two adoreable girls, no matter how crazy it drives her!
Ally's Path- Ally~ Strong and mindful. Will make it up that rock called Mount Rainier if it takes the rest of her life to do it!
Amateur Dad- David~Sensitive, talented writer, and a new Dad to be. One more week!!
Average Mom- Tammy~Honest and original mom from the upper reaches of the in almost solid daylight now with her "Terrors" of loveliness. Burnt hair and all. Always a laugh waiting for you at her place.
Belmondo~ Franchini~ Endearing, well-mannered, and intelligent. She makes even the most common of events like baking a cake with her seem exciting and she finds beauty in everything on the rock over the pond from me on even the most dark and dismal days.
Contemblogging ~ Suzanne~ A fellow purple lover, Libra and resident neat freak( no, that's not a bad thing;0) She is charismatic, articulate, warm and spirited. She loves to write, her husband and her baby boy to pieces. Always a note to make you smile waiting there.
Confessions of a Drama Mama- Carrie~ Cute, loving, and dramatic. A young, new mom with tons of love for her baby and baby to be! Congrats Carrie girl!
Crock Pot Mom~Strength does not even begin to describe this woman. She is a mother of five and a devout and loving Christian. She will now, forever and always be a very dear friend.
Dawn~Racy and spirited. A loving mom doing her damndest to make life great for her daughter despite the cards life has dealt her. You're gonna be okay Dawn. You go girl!
Demented Delusions-Michelle~Funny, effervescent woman , devoted to her work, her life and her writing.
Dooce~ Need I really say more?
Honestyrain~Hysterically sarcastic and real. Went on vacation and now she's got just a bar on her site..not sure what happened there.
Jamie Dawn~ Short and sweet and full of spunk. She says what she means and means what she says. From Star Wars to Moon on a Stick she will have you giggling, thinking and choking all at the same time! Fun, quick reads that are just enough to brighten the gloomiest of days.
Judy's Brag Blog~Judy~Cheerful, creative and supportive. Loves her kids to pieces and is immeasurably in love with her husband Scott. Fun to read and see her pictures!
Kismet -K!~Another newbee on my list. Introspective, thoughtful and quixotic. There's been a lot to write about in Kismet's life. She is living it one day at a time.
Letter to Kevin and Pauline~ Antipodesse~ One of my very first blogging buddies. Her blog is witty, provacative and a tribute to her children with a little spice thrown in.
Looseleaf Notes-Colleen ~An incredibly talented, thoughtful, and insightful author. She has a blogging addiction like the rest of us! Her poems are a must read!
Life Through the Lens- Paul~A phenomenal photographer and to him it's just a hobby! He sees life through rose-colored glasses, takes a picture of it, and then shares it with you! His vision is amazingly beautiful. A real talent.
Mamacita~A veritable testimony to teaching while spilling over a bit into her family. She tells it like it is in all factions of her life. Kind hearted and genuine.
Michele~Gracious, kind, inviting, true, safe and real. I could go on...and on...and on. She is one of a kind.
Mom With Attitude -Michelle~Emotionally motivated, strong, honest, real, and pulls out all the stops. She tells it like it is, and if you don't like it leave. She's funny, compassionate, and full of conviction. No fuss, no muss, just keepin' it all in perspective.
Mommy Matters~Christine~Caring, sweet, perceptive, and captivating. From her obsession of the Titanic to the love of her daughter to the irritations of her move ..again...she will open her world to you and respond personally with the same respect to any who care to enter and share it with her.
Mrs Darling- A kind and generous soul with a passionate love for all things in her life, especially her children. Stoic, and refined. Stop to read the going's on in Neverland.
Mrs. Mogul- Lisa~She once described me as "Her biggest fan, without the stalking part." She is witty, worldly, smart, funny, exhuberant and talented. Her stories spread the gamet between the underworld and ultimate peace. She will have you on the floor laughing, or running to the bathroom for fear of peeing your pants. She has accomplished more in her career at 30 something than most do in a lifetime. She too, lives over the pond, but is a East Coaster at heart. A true testiment to story telling real and surreal ;0)
Muzik Dude- John~Funny, sensitive, perceptive and gifted writer...though not self proclaimed. His stories will leaving you laughing, crying or both on any given day.
Nat ~A wealth of information for all things musical. It is absolutely incredible, the amount of stuff she knows about bands, songs, singers, producers etc. Always fun, always resourceful and always kind in return. Complete and utter fun and her place.
Old Horsetail Snake~ Hoss ~Charming, witty, slyly opinionated, and clever. He is a great read, a phenomenal writer and a great for your ego! This mans antics, however true or false they may be, will always bowl you over and keep you on your toes at the same time ;0) One of my very favs!
OutsideIn-Vickie~ One of my newest friends. I've only read her once but I do know she is well read, a gifted writer and likes me anyway ;0) She loves art, is caring, warm and intelligent. I can't wait to get to know her better.
Panthergirl- Tenacious, cognizant, and retrospective. She is an admirable strength in this thing we call life. She has risen above the hardships of a overbearing mother and shares story after story, picture after picture, in a compelling and healing light.
Petroville- Momma K~ Kind, thoughtful and fun loving. Her dry-witted and sarcastic sense of humor will have you in stitches. She always has reality review, opion poll, meme , or just a humorous family event past or present ready and waiting. I don't think the girl ever sleeps. She is also a great friend and one of my Fairy Blog Mother's. Love you Momma!
Purple Goddess- Chasmyn~Another fellow purple lover and pregnant momma. Honest and kind, she shares in the bitersweet loss of her first baby and soon to be birth of her second. A compelling and intricate course through the good and the bad her life has had to offer.
Short and Sweet -Cori~Quick witted, funny, real, inspiring, and dedicated. Her day to day struggles with weight loss, her love for her kids, the trials, tribulations, and successes of both are what drew me to her. She's keepin' in real.
SS's Wife~Amusing, passionate and sarcastic. She is a marine's wife and this is her life. She writes about the good the bad and the ugly of being part of a military family. She is funny and compassionate and a preacher! You'll never know what's coming next ;0) Her daughter is also a very talented writer!
Sugarfused- Deb~ Insightful, perceptive, imaginative, beautiful...these words don't even begin to describe Deb. She is a visionary in the world of photography. Her photos rival those of Georgia O'Keefe. She is a sensitive and caring mom and grandma who loves her family, her job and her "hobby" of photography. I think she's in the wrong business. Keep it up Deb!
The Daily Bitch- aka Monty~ Hilarious, sarcastically funny and sagacious. She is a idyllic single mom who knows what she wants in life, and isn't to proud to let you know. Her often, comedic writings of her daily life will have you busting a gut in 2 seconds flat. A must read!
The Odd Wife~ Soulful, provacative and bold. She tells you like is, like it or not. No frills, genuine, the real thing.
The Road to Crazyville-Tinkamarink~ Cori~Honest, forthcoming, creative, tenacious, and sassy. She is a young strong SAHM with a whole lotta craziness thrown into her life. She's positive even when she doesn't want to be, loving when she feels she can't, and someone I would consider a testament to friendship if we were in real life. Friends that is. She is truly someone to admire..send her some linkin' love!
The Shoehound- Bari~ Tenacious, determined, honest, spunky and a phenomenal teacher. And she loves shoes! She's been dealt a raw deal and come through it sparkling clean!! She is real and gracious and giving, even when she doesn't need to be. A rule follower and a dog lover and a Troll hater. Go visit!!
The Square Slant~ Witty, refined, cultured, genteel...I want to be just like her when I grow up. Married at 20 to an older man...wise beyond her years. A true old soul.
Thumper Thinks Outloud~ A wise, wascawy wabbit...talented author, savvy, sarcastic and funny. Loves cats and her Spousy Thingy. Where else can you see a rabbit driving a convertable?
ToWhom It May Concern- Cara~Innovative, observant, clever, creative, and passionate when it comes to things she cares about. She wrote aboutTraditonal Chinese Bun Grabbing for pete's sake...what's not to like ? ;0)
True Blue 4 Ever- Elle Elle's posts. She sees beyond the facade into the real heart of a person. I like that.Compassionate, ingenuous, understanding, loving. These are just a few things that come to mind when reading
True Jersey Girl~ Fun, loving, creative, kind. Love the Ya-ya hats, love her hair strait or curly, love her Idol reviews, love her political views, love her taste in music. Love her!!
Vegemiterules~Expressive, understanding, compassionate, loving, and kind. I've only known her a little while, but this is what I feel from her posts and her comments around the blogosphere. Can't wait to read more!

Now, I'm going to go sleep for two days. Have a great weekend!!!

Update: Some of my buddies accidently disappeared..I think I've rewritten them all, but if you visit and I have somehow missed you...let me know and I'll post it ASAP..please know it wasn't intentional!! Thanks!