Bunch of Stuff

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Did you know I'm psycho...I mean psychic? Bo is going to win American Idol. I love Carrie and she will go on to make her country album...and hopefully not slut up like Britney...to innocent for that me thinks. So have no fear Idol buddies!!


J-man #2 asked to poop in the potty!! First time in two weeks!!! He's watching Bear in the Big Blue house's Potty video as we speak..or type I guess in this case and it's actually me typing not you but you get the idea ;0)

He also has pink eye in both eyes today and they are purple and swollen. Favorite color, but not in my child's eyes.


Thanks to everyone for all of your input on my new site name... I'm working on it!!! I agree it has to fit me and it has to be purple! You all put forth a ton of ideas that hadn't even crossed my mind! More to come ;0)


I need to catch up on everyone's going's on in the past few days. I've had a migraine for two days and I've been taking care of a baby with double ear infections...so I haven't done a lot of reading. I promise I haven't forgotten you...I just need to sit and catch up;0)

In the infamous words of Ol' Hoss, "This is why I always vote against illness."

I have some blogging questions, but I will save that for tomorrow. Off to visit now! Have a great Hump Day!