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Well I had a great weekend lounging by the pool, drinking Margaritas, and eating oreos. Yes, I did do all three at once! The pool was mind numbingly cold, so I only got me feet wet, but the sun was hot and I managed not to burn myself. Tan fat is better than white fat right?

Of course putting my body in the throws of indulgence I had some pretty weird dreams. I woke up yesterday with a poem in my head. So, I wrote it down and went back to sleep. I don't write poetry, but they say if you try to be creative it usually doesn't work as well as letting it flow naturally. I don't can tell me what you think. Here it is...

Friends and Shoes

Do you ever wonder why some people never stay?
They leave their footprints on your heart
and then they walk away?
Why others imprint themselves on your life
and give everything to you?
They'll give you the clothes off their back,
and only leave one shoe?
Because then there is a connection,
A commonality.
A perfect pair
A perfect match
Two shoes.
You and me.

Happy Monday everyone.