Overwhelmingly overwhelmed...stream of consciousness.

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Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed lately??? This is supposed to be the end of it all...summer's here, vacations a comin', relaxation. Nada. I'm tired, exhausted, sleepy, and fried and freakin' that I might've taken on too much next year...teaching preschool 4 days a week, PTO President..yeah you heard me right, President. What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking? I barely see my husband now and I stay home! And the more tired I get the more paranoid I become...my brain is in overdrive. I don't know what's exactly going to be happening and so I don't have control. I don't have control and so I freak out in my own weirdo sort of way... I start to over analyze things...start thinking I'm not good enough...start to feel sorry for myself. I know I don't need to, I know it's not real, but my brain goes there and I can't help it. It doesn't happen often, so forgive me while I drown myself in my sorrows. I become disjointed and start to ponder things like...

What makes a good writer...does something tragic have to happen in your life to make you a good writer? Nothing bad has ever really happened to me...

Do you like the way I leave comments? Would you tell me if you didn't?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading you've committed yourself to? Do you feel guilty if you can't get to everyone everyday?

If you were pissed off at someone for something they said..would you tell them?

Do you ever wonder if you've chosen a different path in life ...what would your life be like now?

Are you worried about your kids making bad decisions and losing control of those decisions?

Why is there air?

Am I going insane?

Do you care?

Am I still a good teacher? Can I do this? What the heck have I done?

Does Hoss still like me? Will Monty find true love? Will Christine finally be able to stay in one house for more than a year? Will Shoehound ever get rid of her Trolls? Will Muzik stay in CO forever? Will Cara ever find her sister? Will Angie ever come to my house to cook a fabulous dinner for my family? Will Dawn ever get the $ she needs from James? Will Norm make it to my house before christmas? Will Michele ever get married to Mr. Wonderful? Will I ever get over my camera jealousy for Kate? Can I get Deb's knack for planting beautiful flowers? I could go on forever!!!! See what I mean? My brain is spinning!! These are the Days of Our Lives....sheesh.. thanks for listening! This is why I didn't post yesterday...too much to do and no time to do it! *Winge, whine, wah, wah*

We have a crazy weekend...again..baseball, birthday parties AND hopefully off to the Herndon Festival where I'm hoping to see The Last Girl on Earth play!!! Wouldn't that be cool????? If it works out..I'll tell you all about it. If it doesn't ...well I'll probably tell all about that too. Until tomorrow then....;0)

Update: Baseball is cancelled and the birthday party is NEXT weekend!!! Yay! I can vaccuum!