The Fourth- Part II

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Now that I've decended upon you all with the bad news...I'll share all the fun stuff. For the past six years we have spent the 4th in Irvington, VA (Jersey girl! Very posh, not the slums for sure!) Not my typical lifestyle, but one I could definitely enjoy now and again! Our gracious hosts invite several friends down every year to share this amazing display and except for the mishap was the best yet. The Infamous Tides Inn does their show first then J. does his. We sat by the pool and drank margaritas, didn't get too terribly sunburned, just the places I missed with "scum scream" as J-man #2 calls it ;0)

I didn't get a lot of reading done, but it was worth the time with my friends. All 8 kids got along for the most part. Our parenting styles are pretty similar so this made it easy to keep them all in line.

We bought them all the same bathing suits and shirts and the girls got matching dresses. Here's a photo off the back pool wall...they probably shouldn't have had their arms around each other...too much squeezing going on...note to self.

Here's one more of them in front of a sign A.
found in a thrift store. She puts it up under the flag pole every year. There is an American flag above the Jolly Roger..I just didn't pay attention to what I was doing...focusing too much on kids...imagine that ;0)

It was a beautiful day weatherwise and no one was seriously hurt. What more could you ask for ?

SLEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!! For whatever reason this trip sucked the life out of me. I've slept everyday since I've been back til 9:30 or later. It's 11 now and I've just eaten my breakfast! I promise to catch up with everyone by Friday. Motivation is lacking right now. Enjoy your Thurs day everyone! Til tomorrow....