Time? Who has Time?

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Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow and I've volunteered to be a Potter. Do I know anything about clay? Just how to make an ashtray and that I learned in Girl Scouts. Should be interesting regardless. Pray that I don't have to sit out in 100 degree heat for a week!

I'm finishing up another paint job and should have some pictures by Tues. Just some flowers and bugs and such. Nothing fancy, nor was it something I'd planned on being paid for. Extra $$ for the beach!! 7 days and counting! We're wireless there too...so I won't have to take a hiatus ;0)

The boys were at my parents house last night and had a great time. We had a fabulous dinner and drank way too much wine...came home and went to a neighbor's and drank more ! I probably polished off a bottle o' red all by my little old self! No drunkin' posting...sorry ;0) Home alone, with no kids...what do you think we did? Sleep of course!!! Sorry. I never kiss and tell...or drink and tell for that matter...heh..heh.

The pool guy finally came yesterday and guess what???? The liner doesn't fit!!! We'll have the damn thing fixed in time to close it for the freakin' winter! I'm ready to push the whole thing in and make it a vegetable garden! Sheesh!

I leave you today with a conversation Dad had with J-man during his stay this weekend.

Dad: "How much is 1+1?"

J-man: " 2"

Dad: "How much is 2+2?"

J-man: "4"

Dad: "How much is 3+3?"

J-man: "6"

They continue through 5 and then...

Dad: " How much is 5+6?"

J-man: " I don't know."

Dad: "Well if 5+5 is 10 then 5+6 is only one more which is?"


Then J-man #2 pipes up with "11!"

I love my mensa children ;0)