Much Better

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Today is a much better day. When I went down to change out the towels and mop the floor...AGAIN....I realized that the water was draining INTO the wall not FROM it! Thank God! We figured out that the basement is not, in fact, leaking, the Furnace is. Well, not really. We had it serviced a while back and they supposedly cleaned it when in actuality they took out the filter, left the dirty one in the bottom of the unit and replaced it with a clean one. So it hasn't been draining properly since, oh, March. When this heat kicked in and the A/C went down, the filter filled with condensation and started to leak out all over the floor. To make a long story longer...the hubs spent a couple of hours cleaning it out last night and I mopped up all the water and we are up and running again!! Sans water. Yay!!
My friend left yesterday and it's been very quiet since. No more whining, crying, screaming and fighting children. I love them to death, but they are a very loud family. Her youngest son has sensory integration problems, so things get broken easily, he speaks at an average child's yelling voice and it is non-stop energy from sun-up to sun-down. His older brother loves to antagonize him, and of course he's the one who gets in trouble...add my two into the mix and you have 4 crazy, running, active, did I mention crazy? Boys. It's getting easier as they get older, but it's still a challenge. All in all we had fun. Went to a local water park on Sunday and the lake yesterday. It was hot and soupy yesterday and I burned my butt on the paddle boats. What do you get when you put water on a scalding hot seat? Scalding hot water!! And it soaked right through my shorts....and I have a Master's Stupidity! Sheesh!
Thanks for all you words of support yesterday...;0) Hope everyone in the South West is fairing well in this nasty hurricane season. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Til tomorrow....