I Did As I Was Told

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I was told to consider myself tagged by True Jersey Girl. Go to Google and type in "(Your Name) is.." This is what came up for me. I used my real name in the search but will substitute J&J's Mom for this. The cool thing is ..I think they describe me pretty well. Kinda creepy almost!

Here goes...

J&J's Mom is dedicated to the education and well being of her students.
J&J's Mom is a graphic designer for wedding invitations, logos, t-shirts, etc.
J&J's Mom is barely legal.
J&J's Mom is a self-published author.
J&J's Mom is a founding member.
J&J's Mom is dedicated to the promotion of women.

Pretty cool huh? Who da thunk I had done all of these fabulous things already?? I especially like the "barely legal" one...no I didn't go there!

I pass the torch onto the rest of you who are struggling for something to write about ;0) Let me know if you partake...

Later peeps!