Little Bugger!

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I was stung by one of these buggers when I was about 6. I did a cartwheel ontop of one and squooshed him. Then about 11 years ago, I drank some lemonade, but unbeknownst to me, a friendly neighborhood yellow jacket decided to take up residence in my cup. Stung me on the INSIDE of my mouth and my face proceeded to swell up for 3 days. I sucked on pipe tabacco for an hour just to get rid of the pain!

Then two days ago, I took a walk in the nice, dead, brown grass of some park near Mom's house and wouldn't ya know it? THE ONLY clover flower left alive in the whole blasted place had a cute little honey bee sitting upon it's fragrant blossom.

First I thought I stepped on a stick. Then the burning started, then I picked up my foot and looked down and the little bugger was still there!! I flicked him off and pulled out the stinger. Walked around a bit, and the pain subsided. No biggie right? Wrong. Yesterday, a nice circular hive appeared in said afflicted spot and has been itching me for two blasted days now!!!!! Here I thought I was being a "woman" about the sting. Brushing it off and NOT crying and the itching is 100's times worse!!!!

Thank God I'm not allergic. Have a nice Wednesday.