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Mom and Dad are getting settled in their new home. So, in the process, they have been going through 25 + years worth of "stuff". Dad appeared on my doorstep last night with remnants from my childhood. Old comp books, report cards, my First Communion book, and my baby scrapbook. I thought I'd share some of the more "interesting" things that I've been reading through. One such piece is from a comp book that I think I used as a diary. There is only one entry and it's a really long run on sentence. It's in PURPLE cursive ;0) and was written in probably 3rd or 4th grade, so please bear with the length, spelling and grammar issues ;0). It's titled:
My Dreams That May Come True
Some day I hope when I'm in fifth grade, that someone will send me love notes and stuff like that like Tom Castro and Monica Sharpe. Or maybe when we move when I'll be in a new schoo, and there will be a new girls and new boys. Someone will have to love my by the time I'm eighteen. Also I hope that when we move from here I'll have a secret comepartment with a big door and when you open it there's a smaller door then a smaller door and smaller and smaller etc. then the smallest door of all will be a safe and I will be the only one who will know the combinaitaon and I would hide things in it like this book, my Diary and love notes if I get any and lots of things like that. Noone would know about it. They would only think it was a closet. I would put my own clothes away so my sister wouldn't know about it either. One day I hope that I can be on Zoom or meet one of the Zoomers or maybe be on The Hardy Boys with Shauwn Cassiddy and Parker Stevonson. Or be on The Nacy Drew Mysteries with Pamala Sue Martain. These are the only dreams that I want to come true.
Someday I wish I could meet Andy Gib. and that he would love me and send me love notes. but the only problem is that he's older than me. but I still hope that I meet him and he'll write letters to me. Or have a secret door and it would be inside my closet, and when opened it there would be a shoot to slide down into a secret room which nobody new about. Or have two little people that I could make them in my box but when I leave them I'll lock the box so they wouldn't get away....
I am happy to report that I had someone to love me by the time I was 18 and never locked anyone in a box. You can tell where my love of reading and mystery comes from and that unfortunately, I'll probably never meet Andy Gibb seeing as how he's six feet under...poor guy. I have since discovered The Winchester Mansion located in San Jose, CA which has all the passages to nowhere and rooms you can't get out of and all the secret passageways you can imagine. One of my favorite places on earth.
The best part, I can now compare my life at 6,7, and so on, to my kids now. Was life really that much different? We shall see ;0) Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!